What's a Business Card Web Site?

A Business Card Website is a personally designed
one page web site that has the same information
your business card has plus much more!

Why Do I Need One?

A Business Card Website gives your current and future
clients access to you on the World Wide Web.


A company without a business card is missing serious exposure. Business owners know this and have gotten business cards accordingly. Businesses today are expected to have an online presence. Why would you want to miss out on that kind of exposure?

Most companies donít want to invest a great deal of time or money into this necessity. however, they know it is crucial to get their company online.

At Burton Designs we create what is called a business card website to get your company online fast. We get your company information, logo etc. and design you a custom business card page. And you can get your single page business card website upgraded with more pages, anytime for reasonable rates.

Find out what's included and how much it costs here.


Examples of Business Card Websites

Guitar Instruction with Rob Burton
Great use of font and color make this page eye catching. Complete with email link and a custom graphic. Nice!

Custom Keychains
A nice, soft appeal on this one, They sell very nice wood keychains. A must see page!

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